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The perfection of production processes is a constant challenge for CGM. Improved quality standard and the company monitoring system (based on SAQ – internal Quality Guarantee Service) allowed acquiring all EC brands now gathered under the unique brand EEC 773/L, and lead CGM to obtain the certification of its Company Quality Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards, released by a competent, SINCERT-accredited National Body. A severe control that is not only limited to the internal production phase, but also concerns external facilities, as testified by the accurate choice of suppliers chosen according to quality guaranteed to the company.

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Two are the elements featuring the certification according to B.R.C., I.F.S. and ISO 22000:2005 standards: difficulty to obtain it and difficulty in maintaining it, considering how frequent and rigorous the controls are that the certified bodies undergo.

Since February 2010 CGM may boast this prestigious acknowledgement that makes it one of the few companies in the agricultural-food sector to obtain it. It is an important arrival point that awards the policies of a company that has always set the quality of its production at the heart of its strategic choices.

And this is demonstrated by the fact that CGM has worked constantly to guarantee the hygienic safety of the food, complying with numerous regulations that ensued in the last years.

Thanks to B.R.C. (British Retail Consortium), I.F.S. (International Food Standard) e ISO 22000:2005 standards, the company has conquered the trust of customers, suppliers, employees and consumers, demonstrating its capacity to supply safe, high quality products, complying with the rules in force.

All in all the three protocols allow to all organisations directly or indirectly involved along the agricultural-food chain, to accurately identify the risk they undergo and to manage them through a fit safety system, considering they have to assume their own responsibilities, and to manage company processes, staff and facilities, as best as they can.

As a consequence in order to guarantee a hygienically safe product, CGM organises its processes in order to prevent any food risk of microbiologic, chemical or physical nature, choosing the fit integration between critical control points (CCP) and prevention measures (PRP). The advantages offered by the certification are sure, particularly in commercial terms. As a matter of fact the company may have an easier access to critical markets, such as English or German, where it is almost impossible to operate outside the mentioned standards. Therefore CGM passes from yesterday’s safety to today’s absolute safety, with the same commitment: anticipate the trends already existing also in Italian department stores, protecting in the meanwhile all customers, offering high quality products.

CGM commits, thanks to the support of its staff, to implement and improve its “Quality management system”.

The President
Giuseppino Marinangeli

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