Misto vegetiamo-New Mix Vegetable Line

5 oven vegetable specialties on our Multipack, based on soy and vegetable proteins. These products are destined to vegetarians customers or for who prefers a vegetable alternative without renounce to taste. Precooked and practical to prepare, “VegeTiAmo” new products are perfect for buffet and for very special and particular occasions.

Vegetable Nuggets : 1 piece weights about  20 gr.; 1 kg. contains about n. 50 pieces. Vegetable Mini Burger : 1 pezzo circa 15 gr.; un kg. contiene n. 66 pezzi circa. Soyballs: 1 pezzo circa 17 gr.; un kg contiene n. 58 pezzi circa. Soy cubes: 1 pezzo circa 13 gr.; un kg. contiene n. 77 pezzi circa. Vegetable miniballs: 1 pezzo circa 17 gr.; un kg contiene n. 58 pezzi.

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